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  1. SCPS ,Sindhu Construction Products & Services was founded in 2007 to deliver world class products to the construction sector.Sindhu is the technology leader in solvent cements and has many hi-tech products which are only available with SCPS .It also supplies the widest range of ball valves. We also have a range of products like teflon tapes, mold release and protection sprays, rust removers and protection along with lubricants
  2. Sindhu Construction Product & Services (SCPS) manufactures solvent cements for plumbing systems and plastic piping system in India. We have a comprehensive range for CPVC / UPVC /PVC & ABS solvent cements. These are manufactured with US technology & formulations and are additionally uniquely adapted to the Indian environment with a collaboration from Bluestream USA. These are manufactured to international standards and meet ASTM tests.  We benchmark our products with the leading international manufacturers and we invite potential users to compare with the best brands in the world. We are manufacturing for more than a decade, and are based in Mumbai Region ,Maharashtra.
  3. We use quality packaging material such as tins. Normally tins play an important role in solvent cement. Our tins are fully coated with a properietory coating and they ensure minimum drying of solvent cement, ensuring performance up to the shelf life. Life and strength can be retained by ensuring minimum oxidation and reaction with moisture that is contained in air. This also prevents rusting.
  4. Weldrite Solvents are well known and available across the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari & from Mumbai to Dibrugarh.
  5. Cans are available in ml: 50, 59,100,118,200,237,250,473,500,946,1000ml
  6. Tubes are available in ml: 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50, 59 ml
  7. We also supply & export to many pipe companies in their brand(s) . Please contact us if you would like to get products in your brand

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Sindhu Construction Products & Services
Sector- 26, vashi, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, india 400703. 


Phone: +91 9619482085